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Amazonon Αμαζόνων

The ensemble interprets historic compositions from Greece and Turkey and contemporary pieces from musicians that are connected with the Makam idiom, the modal system observed in the Mediterranean and Middle East. The multicultural background from the musicians is a synthesis of how they relate to the idea of tradition; each song introduces new lights and colors to the presentation, and the variety of places where they originate helps to create a rich and diverse mosaic.

The name Amazonon evokes the Amazon tribe from the Greek Mythology, at the same time recalling the exuberance of the Amazon rain forest. Not surprisingly, the ensemble was born from the encounter of musical universes from different traditions; the melodic richness of Greek (country of origin of Chrysanthi Gkika) and Eastern Mediterranean music combined with the rhythmic and harmonic deepness of Brazilian music, country where Juliano Abramovay was born. Jacobus Thiele (Germany) and Daniel De Boer (Netherlands) complete the group with an innovative rhythmical approach.

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