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The music of Mundus Quartet combines the heritage of timeless traditions stemming from the broad world of the contemporary modal, Makam and Sufi music originated from the Silk Road.

Mundus Quartet was founded in 2019 in the Netherlands, with musicians coming from different corners of the world. Their music is just as diverse as their origins, blending colorful soundscapes from Byzantine era, Minor Asia, Mediterranean and Balkan sounds to improvised contemporary music elements. The musicians, anchored in a vigorous tradition, are in phase with today's world and more than ever receptive to other musical styles.

Magma Project


Magma Quartet proposes new combinations, formulas, musical colors and flavors.

The group was established in 2017 by musicians interested in expanding the original range of repertoire of their instruments. The fusion of the Oud, Fretless Guitar, Seven String Guitar (Juliano Abramovay) with Bansuri (Ivan Vendemiatti), Tabla (Tarang Poddar) and Congas/Pandeiro/Zabumba (Saulo Bortoloso) creates fresh arrangements of instrumental tunes and invites the Quartet to perform their original compositions with rich possibilities of rhythm, harmony and melody.

In a playful way the two artists Sophia Oltmanns (Juggling and circus) and Juliano Abramovay (Guitar) research the combination between juggling and guitar music.

The artists combine their own high level skills with new and innovative research in which they challenge the boundaries between their disciplines as well as each other.

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