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A group of talented musicians from different parts of the world met back in 2018 while studying at the Codarts Conservatorium in the Netherlands. They quickly realized that their diverse artistic backgrounds could be the perfect recipe for creating unique and exciting music.

The quartet draws its sound mainly from the rich Brazilian music scene, but each member brings their own touch to the table. Angelo Ursini (from Brazil) sets up the foundation of warm, melodic, and groovy Brazilian sounds with his various flutes, while Juliano Abramoway (also from Brazil) adds the colorful modal sounds from the Middle East, thanks to his in-depth study of Ottoman and Greek Makam traditions.

Ze Malandro (from Spain) on percussion is a rhythm machine, blending authentic Brazilian rhythms with the fiery energy of flamenco from Andalusia. And on the Tabla is Tarang Poddar from India, a classically trained tabla player who has infused his music with the rhythms of Brazil and other parts of the world.

After experimenting like mad scientists, the band has developed a sound that will make you want to both dance and listen deeply. They've combined the best of their diverse musical backgrounds to create a sound that truly represents the global nature of music.

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